Family Promise of Southern Ocean County is a non-profit, interfaith hospitality network providing temporary shelter, meals, hospitality, and case management for children and families experiencing homelessness. We do this through the participation of local congregations, community organizations, dedicated staff, and hundreds of volunteers.

After opening our doors on January 25th, 2009, we had to start turning down families on February 5th, 2009. The demand in our community far exceeds our capacity to serve all the families requesting assistance. As foreclosures continue to increase and the rate of unemployment rises, families will continue to face the tragedy of homelessness.

Family Promise of Southern Ocean County maintains low operating costs, but still relies on the generosity of local individuals, service clubs, businesses, and congregations for support.  Each dollar donated is matched by more than $3 of in-kind goods and services. What is the value in knowing that you helped save a family from homelessness? Think about it, it can be you that saves a life.

Guests use the local day center from 8:00am to 5:00pm to shower, care for preschool children, and seek employment. Many guests are employed and go to work during the day. During the school year, children go to school. The Day Center provides guests with a mailing address and a home base from which to conduct their housing search.


Guests have the opportunity to improve their life skills while participating in Family Promise of Southern Ocean County. Our staff assist each family with opportunities for growth while in the program. Each family will meet with staff to review areas of need and refer them to programs offered in the community.

Meet Our Staff

Executive Director - Elizabeth Golla

Administrative Assistant - Tammy Staub      


Board of Directors

President: Eileen Hepp

Vice President: Kate Krier              

Treasurer: Shannon Lautner

Secretary: Carisa Wilcox

Pastor Philip Bakelaar - Past President

John Garofalo - Director

Kathy Greene - Director
Keith Gunsten - Director

Jason Henbest - Director

Sharon McGovern - Director

Joe Stroffolino - Director
Monsignor Ken Tuzeneu - Director

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